Explore Your Dreams

Have you ever thought how extraordinary it is that as adults we spend approximately one third of our entire lives in an unconscious state due to sleep? Less known is that research during the 1950s on sleep found that we spend an average of 20-25% of that sleep state dreaming.

Perhaps even less appreciated is that a famous psychologist Carl Jung believed that dreams are symbolic language as expressions of something important that we need to be aware of or resolve.

Even more remarkable is that modern psychologists collectively understand that the contents of this ‘other reality’ phase relate to important links to insight and wisdom about our personal psychology. Further, the dream state tends to influence our waking state and can often be helpful in therapy.

During our waking state there is a general tendency to believe that unless we can see, hear or touch something it has no meaning. Yet despite dream imagery often being presented as quite bizarre and not easy to understand while in our logical, rational state of consciousness, dreams do have value.

From ancient times, human beings have been paying attention to dreams and even revered them. For example, the Australian Aborigines consider dreams to be a direct link to their ancestors who offer guidance and wisdom. So our respect for dreams is nothing new to humans and continues.

I have provided a special gift Dream Explorer where I relate to how our dreams are of great value to us. Much knowledge has been gathered while I engaged in dream analysis in the past.

From my experiences I have come to fully appreciate why famous scientist, Albert Einstein, believed that our imagination is more important that knowledge. If you would like to explore more about dreams, then I invite you to collect your free gift and hope you find it of value. Sweet dreams!