Dream Explorer

The gift dreams are made of


It’s my pleasure to share some knowledge about dreams and explain how to analyse them. This will help you appreciate the value of your dreams. I provide some instructions to identify the important elements of a dream and offer a simple method to recall your dreams.


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Goldmind Treasure Map

Would you like to start your day feeling inspired and finish it feeling satisfied?


I’ll soon be offering a program that will help you respond to potentially stressful situation rather than reacting to them. You get to be in the driver’s seat of your transformation by understanding how simple changes in the way you view events can pave the way to success.


You’ll need to be willing to understand yourself better so that the energy that you project out to the world is in keeping with peace, joy, harmony and balance.


When you’ve become the person you want the world to be you’ll find and share even more goodwill everywhere.

GoldMind Treasure Map is a guide map to help enrich your life.


From birth we are subject to many and varied influences that shape our self image and world view. GoldMind Treasure Map is designed to help you understand this process and become better equipped to claim your birth right of inner harmony and joy.


I have adapted the extensive knowledge from my psychotherapy practice to offer insights on how you can convert everyday life challenges to positive outcomes. By exploring how ancient wisdoms resonate with modern scientific knowledge, you will come to realise how you can access your remarkable capacity to generate desired change for enhancing your life experience in all ways.


By taking responsibility for your life you can come to know your true identity and forever more, understand your relevance to the world. Allow me to shine a light on your pathway to enrichment.

Program Features

The Golden Trio

Achieve the healing state of consciousness for your health, wealth and happiness.

Harness Your Mind Power

Use your imagination and deliberate thinking to release your creative potential

Beyond Your Programs

Be in tune with how your conditioning impacts your body-mind and how to re-shape this to benefit you


Discover your own powerful resource for body-mind wellbeing

Self Discovery

Explore how to identify and live joyfully the best version of you

Science & Spirituality

Bridge the wisdom of the ages to gain greater insight into your life

Program coming soon

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