Gold Mind Treasures


Would you like to start your day feeling inspired and finish it feeling satisfied?


Are you a disillusioned explorer in the search for happiness? Have you embraced lots of holistic advice, read inspirational books, trodden on the worn carpet at motivational workshops, yet still feel a bit flat and out of touch with the rhythm of life?


Have you ever considered that you possess a remarkable ability to make daily incremental changes in direction without eroding your time or funds?


I’ll soon be offering programs that will help you respond to potentially stressful situations rather than reacting to them, but for now I have a gift to welcome you.

Barb’s Books


We’re all faced with life challenges. Days gone by are no different to our modern ones when it comes to meeting obstacles. So it’s a joy to find that a solution to our troubles are just around the corner.


Even children can learn to face their problems with a clear mind as long as they understand that they are capable of doing so.


My stories are designed to entertain but I have snuck some life lessons between the lines so kids of all ages might find them.

Sharing Joy

Mental health issues affect many, but even small changes in our perception can make a positive diffe...

Dreams are symbolic expressions of our lives and can offer great value if we take the time to explor...


About Barb


Through my studies and experience in welfare and psychology, I learned about the varied complexities of human nature. My work in the disability field verified just how similar we all are in ways that count.


I believe that all sentient beings (with every kind of animal included) can thrive and even flourish with kindness. Being open to compassion can help us achieve wonders for ourselves and others. Even science is helping us understand how connected we are in meaningful ways.


It gives me much pleasure to be able to share my knowledge with you as we move together on our life journeys.

Keep in touch with Barb’s news


From time to time I’ll share inspiring and uplifting information that will encourage you to perceive your world in a positive light. Look forward to connecting!