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I came across these cards in a health food shop and saw how beautifully they are presented. Their colours, images and messages are inspiring! I’ve already given some as gifts and share the link to the special lady who created them, Sandra Scott.

Global Gardens of Peace


I’ve heard it said that if children and mothers were in charge of bringing peace to the world, it would have a greater chance of happening. I also remember how a group of young Arab and Israel students who met in America found they shared common interests and learned how to embrace their differences.


Many of their mothers applauded it too. So, it comes as no surprise how a concept of global gardens, where children and their families can share in some joyful ‘time out’ from the ravages of war, might well promote different cultures to live harmoniously. When Moira Kelly visited Gaza in recent years, she took that notion to a whole new level.

Animals Australia


Still on the topic of animal love, I must show you what Animals Australia does for the cause of animal welfare and how much they need your support. Every little bit helps, and remember what the famous leader Gandhi once said about how a nation’s moral compass is based on how it treats its animals? When we support animals, we also get to feel good, and surely that’s worth everything.If you would like to donate to Animals Australia, please visit Barbara’s Fundraising Page

Edgar’s Mission


When you consider being kind to animals you will care about how farming can impact on them and how a dedicated organisation has rescued many farm animals from harm (and even taught them how to trust humans). Take a look at Pam Ahern’s Edgar’s Mission to find out about the team’s inspiring work.

Pegasus Riding for the Disabled


While working with the disabled I knew a young lady whose whole life revolved around her love of horses. But her only contact with them was via a special program of one afternoon per fortnight that her day centre provided.


Pegasus was the organisation that allowed her this precious experience and I am sure that the horses she rode knew of her love for them too. It cannot be underestimated just how much animals can provide therapy for people. Maybe you know someone who might like to experience this joy too and explore if there is a group that provides riding for the disabled in your area. Pegasus can help explain what they and similar places do.

Mouth & Foot Artists


Many years ago, I received some beautiful cards in the mail that were painted by Mouth and Foot artists and they captivated me. I read about the artist’s motto “To never give up” and how they focused on their ability in order to create such amazing paintings.


I invite you to go take a peek at some of the work they do as I feel sure you will be impressed and inspired by them. You can find a great range of Mouth and Foot art online.

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