About Barb

A new start


As a baby, I came across the ocean from war torn Europe. My early education was disrupted by the need to help care for my younger siblings. My hard working parents helped shape me as I learned a great deal about self responsibility, how to adapt to change and how to overcome difficulties in the face of adversity.


This experience taught me how to appreciate simple pleasures and to take nothing for granted. I have always felt guided by love and believe we all possess a far greater capacity to harness our own power more than we are currently taught.

Exploring our potential


Through my studies and experience in welfare and psychology, I learned about the varied complexities of human nature. My work in the disability field verified just how similar we all are in ways that count.


I believe that all sentient beings (with every kind of animal included) can thrive and even flourish with kindness. Being open to compassion can help us achieve wonders for ourselves and others. Even science is helping us understand how connected we are in meaningful ways.


It gives me much pleasure to be able to share my knowledge with you as we move together on our life journeys.

Sharing Joy

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From time to time I’ll share inspiring and uplifting information that will encourage you to perceive your world in a positive light. Look forward to connecting!